I sell my journals, notebooks and planners online on Zazzle; I design and when you order, Zazzle fulfils production and delivery.
The unique and cool thing about Zazzle is the option of full customisation and personalisation. This means you can insert your own name, initials, monogram, text and photos into the provided template options which allows you to create a unique item that has meaning just for you. Click here to have a look at an example. Isn't that great?

Here are the links for my UK and US stores:

Click on UK Zazzle shop to visit store.

Click on US Zazzle shop to visit store.

Zazzle sells worldwide so if you are, for example in Germany, simply replace the US or UK domain with the German domain eg.

You can do that with any country where Zazzle is selling and it means that you will always get the correct postage for your country.

Zazzle also has a fab deal for postage costs, Zazzle Black; you pay an annual fee and get free standard shipping on qualifying products. And there are lots of regular special offers too which I will let you know about.